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"Visual C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development"

Jan 17, 2015 at 5:18 PM
You're working on this next, right?

That ability to use a real debugger for Android C++ is, afaik, a huge deal. A coworker with >20 yrs in game dev recently shipped 2 Android games for a big company. Debugging and profiling were nearly non-existent. I doubt VS IDE for Android work would be enough to get him back on Windows, but it would be one of the only things that might tempt him.

Also, please tell them to just call it "Visual C++ for Android" or just don't call it anything. It's just Visual C++. The only reason to add "for Android" is because VC++ has always been only for Windows. Stop considering it a Windows-only toolset and you won't have to add "for iOS" or "for Oculus" whenever a new platform is added. But I also worked at MSFT for 5 yrs. I know why the branding happens as it does.
Mar 2, 2015 at 4:41 AM

This would be amazing if possible. Given the sorry state of Android C++ development, where logcat is considered a decent debugging tool, DevDiv could easily beat Google in Android tools and wouldn't that be a fun press release. My coworker is the 'Android guy' on our project and he's also the main 'cmake guy', but he couldn't figure out how to get cmake to create an Android NDK project; so we currently maintain 2 source projects - NDK & cmake. If cmakems can build a VS project for NDK, I'd have to talk with him about converting back to Windows.

And if DevDiv can do the same for iOS ... then the only reason I'd need this MacBook next to me would be for *nix server tools.