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In order to build CMake on Windows, you will need to a current binary version of CMake. The current release can be downloaded from Kitware:

With the Windows binary downloaded and installed, you can clone the source tree from our repository at
git clone

To build CMake, you can run CMake-Gui and point it at the source code you have downloaded. Specifying the output folder. Select configure and choose the version of tools that you want to use and once the configure pass is done, select generate. Once generation is done, you will have a project for your selected toolset in your output path, build the project and you you should be all set.

If you want to build the CMake GUI, you will need to get a copy of Qt from Once installed add the version of Qt that you want to use to your path (for example C:/.../Qt/5.3/msvc2013_openGL. Check the entry BUILD_QtDialog checkbox in CMake-GUI or add the define when invoking CMake and continue with the generate step. When you build you will have both CMake and CMake-GUI in your output folder. To build the install package, build INSTALL in Visual Studio when you have the CMake project open.

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