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[PATCH]"INSTALL" project with ARM


For some reason, the "INSTALL" project in cmake is not UTILITY. In ARM configuration, it's marked as app container, which cause an error when running the INSTALL.

This patch fixes 2 issues.
  1. Make all target type >= UTILITY (UTILITY, GLOBAL_TARGET, INTERFACE_LIBRARY and UNKNOWN_LIBRARY) not in app container. Add a WindowsSDKDesktopARMSupport tag to them. With this, INSTALL of Windows Store ARM can be built.
  2. Fix toolset name in Windows Phone when target type >= UTILITY. In a Windows Phone project, the toolset of INSTALL is incorrectly "v120_wp81"/"v110_wp80". Removing the _wp?? in those target types.

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Closed Aug 15, 2014 at 1:05 AM by gillesk
Thanks Minmin, I've added to patch to our branch.